The Lime House SE15

— Peckham, London

The replanning and renovation of an existing house that had previously been featured on Homes from Hell.

Client — Private
Sector — Residential
Nature — Loft conversion, internal replanning, renovation + external landscaping
The Lime House Snowy Garden

ruin — reinvention

The Lime House Land Before

This was a development project, so budget was an important consideration.  Relatively small structural changes were made, but ones that had a large impact on the light, layout and usability of the spaces. 

The footprint of the house remained the same, but the dual pitch roof was replaced with a gable end roof with large dormer windows, adding 2 bedrooms, an ensuite and a large family bathroom to the first floor.

The Lime House Stairs
The Lime House Living Room
The Lime House Outside at Night

Natural light is brought into the ground floor kitchen and shower room through light slots. South-facing rooms are shaded from the sun by blinds integral with the triple-glazed windows.

The materials were carefully selected to transform the house in a cost effective way, including the western red cedar timber cladding. 

Photography: Niki Borowiecki

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