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Brenthouse Road I Kitchen

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At studio on the rye, we design buildings and spaces that work well, look beautiful, sit well in the historical context and respect the environment. Community, imagination and conversation inform every aspect of our practice and the vibrant work we produce reflects this.

Montacture Road Conservatory

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Living Room with Garden View

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Whether it be a renovation or restoration, an extension or a new build home, we approach a wide range of projects with a meticulous eye for materiality and scale. We create spaces and structures that empower and enrich the lives of our clients, focusing on the need for environments that live and breathe in unison with its users.

This may take the form of architecture, interior design, kitchen design, lighting design, landscaping or bespoke joinery. Whatever the brief, we take a holistic view and consider buildings and their environment as a whole. We contemplate projects from all angles with a keen insight into the communication between internal and external spaces.

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From extensive renovations to innovative new builds we are happy to talk no matter what the scale.